Almost everyone who spends their time working on a system knows about the terrifying world of hacking.

Illegal data leak to a third party through exploiting various vulnerabilities in the system is what we can call as hacking.

However, there is a good side to hacking too, have you ever noticed or thought about it?

There are ethical and professional hackers too who make twice or even thrice the wages of a normal engineer by just pointing out vulnerabilities in the digital platform set up by organizations.

This is one face of the industry too since many giants in the IT industry work with the global hacking community to find out new vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system that can be exploited by any third party for illegal data stealing, selling and many more such heinous activities.

Some of the facts that you might not be aware of about ethical hackers were:

  • They make a lot of money since companies hire them or pay them a bounty for finding possibilities and vulnerabilities in a closed and secure system
  • 90% of hackers are below 30 years of age
  • More than 30% of hackers do this more of as a hobby

With these facts around, even a youngster understands and tries to cultivate hacking skills to make the quick and big amount of money.


Although ethical hacking is not encouraged in India, many Indians have been hired or paid a hefty amount for their services in this sector.

The government is yet to take an initiative to protect the data stored in the digital platform. More than 1 billion of information via Aadhar card, fingerprints etc., is stored on an online database in the wrong hands, and this could certainly cause panic and terror.

Many hackers believe that there is always a loophole to find and exploit and the unethical hackers are like watchdogs waiting for the right time to bite.


Indians and Their Inventions

Subhajeet Mukherjee

The Indian society is still an infant in the hacking aspect; however, the Indian hackers are the most knowledgeable in the very same sector.


Many of the hacking discoveries made were by Indians to giants like Google, Yahoo, which will certainly save them a lot of hassle and trouble due to unethical hacking.

Only a little more than 50% of the hackers talk or expose the vulnerabilities found online; the rest may not be so open about it.

The global hacker community always hosts blogs and does constant updates with the latest breaches and point of origin of those breaches, which will certainly help understand the attack.


A young and talented inventor and a computer programmer, Subhajeet Mukherjee who was born and brought up in Kolkata, India has invented an Operating System to make humans smarter and written books about the modern computer operating systems and their effect on us.

Graduating from Foothill College in California, he has quoted in one of his books, “We are not getting distracted by Technology; we are being distracted by the Modern Operating Systems and the way to interact with them”.

This is proven to be true in so many ways due to the extensive use of the digital network for our daily routine, this is the best example that can be given.


The Round Focus Theory that this young college student has invented, talks about how people getting distracted by modern operating systems and then go into an infinite loop.

Some people are dominated while others are being inspired by the technological thought of movies that may sound cool but technically may not work that well, Subhajeet said in an interview.